MDW Network Policies
Network Policies
Network Policies


Maryland Wireless Networks (MDW) has strict policies regarding the access of its network servers. By signing up for MDW web hosting, clients agree to accept the following terms. By accessing any file on the MDW Network, visitors agree to accept and abide by the following terms.

Acceptable Use

Maryland Wireless Networks (MDW) forbids any use of its network for malicious purposes including, but not limited to, hacking, spamming, server attacks, use of viruses, etc. It is at the discretion of MDW that it may deny any user access to the network for conducting such activities. Any user attempting to access authorized data without permission will be prosecuted. To report any issue of abuse or malicious activity contact MDW Security.

Trademark and Copyright Policy

Maryland Wireless Networks (MDW) is a strict advocate of trademark and copyright law. By signing up for MDW web hosting, clients agree to abide by all laws regarding the use of copywrtten material and agree not to infringe of any other trademark rights. Any infringement of copyright or trademark laws will result in removal of that content and possible termination of the clients account if the action is determined to have been performed maliciously. To report any issues involving copyrights or trademarks contact MDW Security with clear description of the issue and the evidence to validate being holder of said rights.

Monitoring and Logging

Maryland Wireless Networks (MDW) operates on a Layered Security Protocol which demands that all client and visitor access be monitored and logged for secure purposes. This layered protection has automated features which will restrict access to the network for users who violate certain security parameters. Any user who has accidentally caused a violation and been resticted access can contact MDW Security for release. In such case the user must provide a clear explanation for their violation to be used for determination. Repeated attempts to access the MDW network while under security restriction will result in prosecution.

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